Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

Article about The Wounded Brick in Kinema Kommunal

We are pleased to inform you, that „The Wounded Brick“ has been acknowledged and recommended in a full page article in the recent issue of "Kinema Kommunal", written by Claudia Engelhardt, the deputy director of the Filmmuseum München.

„Kinema Kommunal“ is the quarterly trade magazine published by the Federal Association of Non-Commercial Cinemas.

A few quotes:

"Highly recommended for architecture film series."

"A thought-provoking film about the cities needs and wishes."

"The interviews revealed once more, that – apart from basic needs -  well-being is above all a question of needs."

"What is a living place about? Poetic and demure, this film raises many questions, suggests some answers, which in turn are brought into question again."

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