Dienstag, 18. November 2014

The Wounded Brick - Screening and panel in Bozen

We just came back from Bolzano, South Tyrol, where we were invited to a fantastic screening of „The Wounded Brick“ and met a lot of great people.

The screening was hosted by the Architecture Foundation South Tyrol. Thanks a lot to Margot Wittig, who worked hard to organize this very special event. We spent two wonderful days in Bolzano, met with Susanne Waiz, a very interesting local architect and curator, who showed us some of her ongoing revitalization projects of historical buildings in Bolzano. Very sensitive, aesthetic and - as she told us- much cheaper than a new build. That is impressive. And it seems to be the best solution concerning the legacy of Bolzano’s almost intact historical center.

We had lunch with Susanne, Margot and Milena Holzknecht, the editor of „Unfinished Italy“, a short film that seems to partly match some view points of our film.

There is a lot of interesting work going on in this field.

After the screening we joined a panel about the film, which was very well received :-) and about the housing and urban challenges in Bolzano. Kunigunde Weissenegger from the culture magazine franzmagazine twittered a picture. Here it is.

from left to right
Eduard Zorzenoni (director), Sue-Alice Okukubo (director), Martina Toepper /(city of Bolzano, housing department) Roberto Gigliotti (university of Bolzano) Christoph Mayr Fingerle (architect)

Again special thanks to Margot Wittig, Susanne Waiz, Martina Toepper and Kunigunde Weissenegger for their support.
And thanks to our sponsors: Hotel Figl and Optik Walter

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