Samstag, 6. September 2014

Video Conversations 2014 ask for support

There is less and less money for cultural initiatives. The International Art and Architcture Festival in Rome was included in the list of cultural events with great significance for Rome, but there was no public support.
Therefore, a crowd-funding initiative on Ulule was launched.
Twenty days are left to support the festival: Support the Festival by clicking here.

Read the original text of the organizers:
“Video Conversations”- International Documentary Film Festival on Art and Architecture curated by the cultural association Art Doc Festival comes back also this year. The Festival rises from the desire to take a deeper look into art and architecture through the video. Following the great success of the last year, 2014 edition of “Video Conversations” will take place in Rome,  again in the marvelous space of the Casa dell'Architettura (House of Architecture), from the 20th to the 24th of October, every evening since 6.30 p.m..

All the screenings will be free for entrance. The Festival is promoted by the Scientific Committee of the House of Architecture and it was included in the "Resonances" of the International Film Festival of Rome.

The Festival was also included by the municipality of Rome in the special list “Festivals of particular cultural interest for the city of Rome 2014-2016” but, unfortunately, it has not received any funding.

Therefore, we are here to ask for your help and support in order to improve and extend our cultural offer.

For this edition we have decided to entrust Ulule, the first European crowdfunding site, thanks to which it could be possible to support our Festival.
In particular, thanks to your support, we will be able to:
    •    Subtitling in Italian some of the foreign documentaries, otherwise difficult to understand, to ensure the quantity and quality of our audience during the event;
    •    Improve the communication of the event by printing promotional and informational materials;
    •    Make a video that tells the Festival for use it on social networks and send it to the potential sponsors to search for the next year.
You can support our project and decide your donation on Ulule, by clicking here.

We hope to receive your support and participation for this project.

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