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Lisbon Arquiteturas Film Festival 2014

Last year The Wounded Brick was screened at the Lisbon Arquiteturas Film Festival. As you all know we were in Portugal and enjoyed an interesting and exciting program. Therefore, we would like to inform you about the festival 2014:

After the success of the first edition in 2013, Arquiteturas Film Festival is back in Lisbon. This edition will be held from 24th to 28th of September in City Cinema Alvalade and the Portuguese Cinematheque.

"There is no cinema without architecture" continues to be the festival's motto. According with the festival's director and founder Sofia Mourato it is important to embrace the endless possibilities in exploring the connections between the disciplines of architecture and cinema; raise discussions through the films nad potentially open new directions for film festivals in Portugal.
Arquiteturas will have an opening party in Musicbox on the 18th of September, where the film, "Train of Thoughts" by Timoty Novoty, will be screened. Afterwards, the Japanese band Kufuki hits the stage with a mix of electronic and traditional japanese sounds.

The opening film is screened on 24th September at 8.30pm, with the Portuguese premiere of the film "Cathedrals of Culture"- a 3D project conceived by six different directors: Wim Wenders, Robert Redford, Margreth Olin, Michael Glawgger, Michael Madsen and Karim Ainouz.
Arquiteturas will screen more than 90 films, 35 of which will compete for several awards judged by an international jury composed by: Alexandra Areia, Marting Garber Salzberg, José Manuel Castanheira, Justin Jaeckle, Pedro Campos Costa, Edgar Martins and Rita Nunes. The awards ceremony will be held on the last day of the festival at 10pm in Cinema City Alvalade.

Along with the intense program of film screenings, there are a number of other activities:

- Film Workshop (with Merve Bedir), Marketing (with Creative Minds), Digital Art (with portuguese architecture studio Digitalab and Russian Branchpoint Project), and a special workshop for children;
- Masterclass with Italian collective Zimmerfei, which will have their films in retrospective during the festival.
- Informal talks "Intersections" between architecture and cinema specialists: Álvaro Domingues with Diogo Seixas Lopes, Rodrigo Areias with Jorge Figueira and Edgar Pera with Nuno Grande;
- Guided tour to the Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon, designed by Manuel Taínha. A film about the architect "In the Midst of Things" will be screened in the faculty auditorium and we will have the presence of director Luciana Fina and architect Marques Freitas;
- Thesys presentations on the subject of film and architecture, in partnership with the project "A Break for Knowledge" of the National Society of Fine Arts.

This year's site specific installation is designed by studio ARTÉRIA, which will serve as meeting place and stage for some of the festival activities in City Cinema Alvalade.

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