Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013

The Wounded Brick - Review by MÜNCHENARCHITEKTUR

After the screening in Munich "The Wounded Brick" has been reviewed by Regine Geibel  (head of MÜNCHENARCHITEKTUR).

Here is an English excerpt:

This film, independently produced by two Viennese filmmakers, was said to have caused quite a stir since its first release in Berlin. Therefore we didn’t want to withhold it from Munich architects and real estate developers. (...)

And truly, this film  leaves no-one untouched! From being annoyed to being deeply touched, from being irritated to being humble; never have I seen such a wide spectrum of reactions! (...)

85 minutes of complete and utter silence in the auditorium. A silence that continued even afterwards. As I said: The Wounded Brick leaves no-one untouched.

Click for the full review (written in german).

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