Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Independent Film Production - Why we choose to do so

Recently we met Michael Hofstätter from Pauhof architects for lunch.
He participated in our film “The Wounded Brick” and will also join the panel discussion after the premiere in Berlin on March 18th. -->
So he was curious about any news about this upcoming event.

But soon the talk switched to our decision of having chosen the path of independent filmmaking. He wondered how we would make a film without the financial support of national Film Funds, which is the usual way to go for film productions, at least in Europe.

It’s true, we admitted, choosing the independent way is risky. Risky, not only in financial matters, but especially because independent producers are outside the system of any kind of national film subsidies, starting with so-called project fundings, through subsidies for the production itself and various sales supporting activities. But most importantly the national Film Funds knows how to get your film into film festivals, which is important to the distributers.

So to put it short: No funds, no festival, no distributer. You’re in or you’re out.
This is a closed system and it makes sense - for them. 

Our further experiences in these areas will be reported yet.

So why did we chose the independent way? Because of freedom, freedom of artistic expression without any influence, the freedom of choosing subjects which are important to us. We got more and more annoyed by the ever-present pressure of ratings and the chase for mainstream audiences.

We want to explore the subjects uncompromisingly as they need to be explored in our view, without being stuck in conventions, "rules" of filmmaking and genre.

To walk the path of independence, one must also believe in the audience. You just have to assume that there are many people, who look at cinema as a visual and intellectual challenge.

And the most exciting thing is when you find people who believe in your films and its subjects. 
So, dear hosts in Berlin, it feels good working with you for the Premiere of “The Wounded Brick”.
See you in Berlin.

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